Closet Organizer Accessories Just for Women

So it’s time to get your new custom closet , one that will look fantastic and suit all of your needs- but you’re concerned about getting one that will hold all of the things you have, plus your husband’s stuff. So what features can you install into your closet that will hold everything you have, make the most of the space, and still keep things looking great?
Jewelry Drawers
If you’re going all in on a new custom closet, you should be able to store all of your wardrobe in there- not just the clothes, but accessories, too. Why keep the jewelry you have in a messy little box where it’ll tangle if you can have it nice and organized next to all of your clothes? The jewelry drawers will keep all of your rings, necklaces, and earrings neat and give them a safe place to be stored where they won’t be lost. Imagine reaching in for those earrings you want to go with your clothes, and not having to spend five minutes searching for them!

Shoe Racks
One of your biggest needs for your closet is to store your shoes. You have quite the collection, and if you’re like most of us, you ended up piling the shoes up on the floor in your closet. You don’t want to recreate that mess with the new closet. The shoe racks are installed into the closet and make it so every pair is organized, and the floor area stays clear. These racks can sit in between sets of hanging space, so they don’t take up the space for your clothing, but still give you the great organization and utility of have all of your high heels, running shoes, and slippers right there.

Necklace Racks
Another really cool option for storing your jewelry is to have racks installed for your necklaces. This can be nice so that the rings, earrings, and bracelets can be organized in the jewelry drawers, and the necklaces can rest on the racks for easy access. Necklace racks make it so you can throw on your clothing for the day, find your earrings in the jewelry drawer, and easily pull the necklace off the rack without having to search for the right necklace or untangle things! Installing your custom closet is all about custom designing one that will fit all of your needs, so creating accommodations for every part of your wardrobe will make it easy to use and keep your closet neat.

Retractable Mirrors
These are generally something that people don’t think of- you can install a mirror in the closet! Our pull out mirrors are created to retract in the closet and not use up any space for the clothing. This makes it easy to pull it out and check out your look for the day before you leave! The convenience of being able to store the mirror back in the closet once you’re done using it makes this a great option for your new closet. Check out that new dress on you, do your makeup, or just use it for that quick check before you leave!

At a Closet Gallery, we’re here to help you create the custom closet system that will fit all your needs! We can install every one of these accessories and more for your closet. For more tips on your closet, check out our new free guide “Custom Closet Pricing Guide!” Contact us today!