Weekly Wrap Up: Whats on My Wish List This Year

Happy weekend, friends!

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was incredible. Were planning a nice, relaxing weekend at home and I cant even begin to tell you how badly we need it. Its been a wild couple of weeks, and Im ready to rest!

Of course, while Im resting Ill be doing my fair share of Christmas shopping from the couch. I generally try to get all of my shopping done before December 1st so I dont have to stress all month long that means my Black Friday weekend is full of online shopping!

I didnt do a big gift guide series this year (because, um, moving is nuts), but I did share some favorite board games, and some of our old gift guides hold up pretty well! If youre looking for ideas

One thing I always love to see from my favorite bloggers, though, is what they want for Christmas. So, heres my quick list of a few of the things Im hoping to find under the tree:

In other news

Have a happy weekend!

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